The Breton Democratic Union is indignant at the decision of France 3 to close France 3 Iroise Balanced distribution of jobs and workplaces is one of the pillars of Breton territorial cohesion. By choosing to remove its antenna based in Brest,  France 3 sends a negative signal to all of western Brittany . With the disappearance of France 3 Iroise we can also fear the end of An Taol lagad, reducing the already weak place of the Breton language on public television. The Breton Democratic Union assures the workers of France 3 Iroise its solidarity, and calls the direction of France 3 to reconsider its decision.

The gap between East and West Brittany has already widened in recent years.  We pay there the lack of solidarity and the lack of ambition of the elected Breton. Victim of the history of the French centralization, Brittany in monkey today the defects by reproducing a small Parisianism.

The Breton public television project, too little supported in 2013 to be set up, would have avoided any such decisions. This project is more relevant than ever. L has earned Corsica Via Stella, a Corsican public television channel full function, Britain needs the equivalent.

Bruno Retailleau chose to leave the Presidency of the Pays de la Loire administrative region. Less than two years after his election, this decision illustrates for the UDB the disinterest of policies turned towards Paris for territories without identity and without real power.

This departure is thus a new occasion to be indignant at the little case of the different French territories. The west of France deserves a reorganization towards two identified and relevant regions (Brittany, Val-de-Loire).

The French Republic would indeed gain federalisation to rely on diversity and the wealth of its regions as do other European states.

The UDB Loire-Atlantique federation hopes that Christelle Morançais, elected from the Sarthe, during her term of office will engage in a real reflection on the relevance of maintaining the forceps of this technocratic region which particularly harms the economic interests of the Loire-Atlantique.