How Casinos Make People Keep Gambling

While casinos are pretty entertaining to hang out during weekends, it does not affect people that no casino fails to make the players keep playing. They try their best to convince you to stick to the siam sport news games and spend more money. The free booze, buffets, and hotel facilities are some of the gimmicks that they use to keep you comfortable. Casinos use several tactics and illusions to keep you gambling.

Crazy carpets

Casinos always have psychedelic carpets laid down all around for bright colours and trippy designs to make your look at them and spend more time inside. They work very well in keeping you lost in the vibrant energy. It is impossible to rest your eyes anywhere inside a casino you the tables might feel like a good idea to stay at.

No clocks or windows

You might already know that casinos do not have clocks just like pubs, but have you ever noticed that casinos do not even have windows? Casinos do not want you to know know what time of day or night it is once you are inside. Natural sunlight can interrupt your fun while you are busy making money. So casinos simulate natural sunlight to keep their players confused.

Free drinks, meals, rooms

Casinos take care of their customers by providing complimentary drinks and food while they are busy playing games at the table. Casinos want to make sure that you feel comfortable at your seat while playing. They do not mind cheering up losing players with complimentary drinks as they are only giving back a part of what the players actually have them at the games.

Subliminal messages

Subliminal messages can be found everywhere inside the casinos telling you to play more. They can contain motivating messages which will make you excited about the possibility of winning. With pictures of smiling players winning jackpots. In 2007, a number of machines in a Canadian casino were removed as they contained subliminal messages for a small fraction of ข่าวกีฬาสยาม time, which hooked many players into believing that it is a sing of the jackpot.

Lighting and sound

The lighting and sound inside a casino is different from a pub or a party place. The sounds which slot machine makes trigger the minds of people to sit and listen to it while they test their luck. The continuous graphics and non-stop sounds keep the gamblers alert and interested in the games.


Have you ever been and a casino and looked for a washroom. The washrooms in a casino is always in the deepest alleys made around slot machines. They do it because when the players come out of the room, they get lost on the way mostly sit down to play on slot machines.

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