Parlement européen. ALE : New tobacco law to put youngsters off smoking

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Mark Demesmaeker



With 94% of smokers having their first cigarette before their 25th birthday, making smoking unattractive to youngsters is a key aim of a stronger EU law on tobacco products.

The new law had the full backing of former smoker and N-VA MEP Mark Demesmaeker, who is also a member of the Parliament's Public Health Committee.

Mark said: "In the EU, more than 700,000 people die every year because of tobacco, almost the same as the total number of people living in both Gent and Antwerp. In order to discourage smoking, tobacco should look and taste like tobacco. In the future, health warnings across the EU will be more visible on the packaging and flavouring will be banned."

The key changes are:

· 65% of packaging must carry a mix of text and visual warnings. Packets must contain a minimum of 20 cigarettes.

· Flavours will be banned

· E-cigarettes can contain no more than 20mg/ml of nicotine and may be classed as tobacco products or health products.

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