Réunification de la Bretagne : Les eurodéputés de l'Alliance Libre Européenne soutiennent l'Union Démocratique Bretonne pour la réunification de la Bretagne et contre sa dilution dans le Grand Ouest

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European Free Alliance backs Breton reunification

Brittany has been in uproar this week over territorial reforms proposed by President Hollande which would see Brittany's 5th department, Loire Atlantique with the historic capital Nantes, continue to remain attached to the artificially created region of Pays de Loire.

EFA member party UDB, EFA MEPs (see their joint letter) and many other organisations and individuals have backed Breton Regional President Pierrick Massiot's call for reunification and a Breton Assembly with devolved powers.

Reunification would restore Breton territory to Brittany. Nantes was the historic capital of Brittany and home to the Breton monarchy. It and Loire Atlantique, formerly the Nantes diocese, was annexed into a new artificial region the Pays de Loire created by the Nazi-controlled Vichy government during WWII.


Reunited with the Loire-Atlantique, Brittany would represent 4.5 million people with three additional cities, and with all the skills and capacity-building potential that entails for this maritime nation. Brittany's capacity for economic development would increase tenfold. It would greatly boost the already well-established Breton brand and the 'Made in Brittany' initiative across all sectors. It would also improve Brittany's placing with other regions and nations as it would be more populous than eight EU member states or 11 German Länder, and Wales.

Reunification would also help the Breton language revitalisation strategy, which is itself becoming a major employer in its own right. Breton-medium education is vibrant in Loire Atlantique and, as the regions will have powers over education, it's vital that regional government supports this revitalisation. This may not be the case without reunification.

The European Free Alliance strongly supports the UDB call for reunification. It is a common tactic of States to seek to divide and gerrymander the territories of stateless nations and historic national minorities. We've seen it with the English appropriation of Monmouthshire from Wales (restored to Wales in the 1970s), to the present day problems faced by Hungarians in Transylvania where Romania is seeking to divide the Hungarian electorate by redrawing county boundaries.

European best practice in the territorial management of States recommends that borders of stateless nations and national minorities remain untouched. While this is partly for historic and cultural reasons, it is also for the very practical reason of a region or nation being able to run its own affairs, for example, with the provision of regional language education. Invariably, where people are self-governing, such autonomies have become among some of the most prosperous areas of Europe (e.g. South Tyrol, German-speaking Belgium).

The French plan ignores this best practice and instead acts to reinforce artificial boundaries that ignore both cultural and economic realities. For Brittany this could be disastrous.

The NGOs 44=Breizh Collective and Bretagne Reunie, supported by the UDB, have called for a mass demonstration for the 28th June in Nantes.

UDB will be calling on all EFA MEPs and member parties to support them and to help by joining in the demonstration on June 28th in Nantes.

As the Regional President Massiot said, Brittany can no longer leave it to others to decide her future.



Youtube video of Paul Molac MP (UDB) calling for reunification

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