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L’ALE (EFA en anglais) est un Parti politique européen rassemblant des partis de nature nationale, régionale et autonomiste de l'Union européenne. L'UDB en est membre

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est la fondation politique européenne affiliée à l'ALE.


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François Alfonsi (RPS-PNC) :, député européen de 2009 à 2014

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PARLEMENT EUROPEEN. Calls to ban pesticides that threaten bees

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EFA MEPs Jill Evans (Wales) and Alyn Smith (Scotland) took an active interest in calls to ban certain pesticides that have been blamed for declining bee numbers. Both backed a partial ban and Alyn supported calls for further investigation.

EFSA, the European Food Safety Agency, recommended the ban after studying evidence of the risk to bees. There has been concern for some time in the scientific community about declining bee numbers, and the wider effects of this for farming and food production. The European Parliament's Agriculture Committee heard evidence from EFSA experts this month.

The British Beekeepers Association estimates that because of their role in pollination, one third of the food we eat would not be available but for bees. They put the value of the 'bee economy' in the UK at an estimated 200 million pounds annually.

This new generation of neonicotinoid nerve-agent pesticides has been blamed by some for declining bee populations, and EFSA has recommended banning three types of this pesticide.

Alyn SmithAgriculture Committee member Alyn Smith (SNP) said: "It is up to us as legislators to make a call on the balance of the evidence available proportionate to the scale of the risks involved, and I've been concerned to see some MEPs parroting what is in effect lobbying propaganda as if it were gospel handed down on tablets of stone.

"The worrying decline in bee numbers is, at least in part, caused by toxic chemicals sprayed on our fields. I simply do not see how any other conclusion is possible based on the evidence available, not least after the EFSA study found clear links between the use of the chemicals and damage to bees. I back the European Commission's proposals for a partial ban on the most risky uses of these chemicals, but I also want to see a lot more research and if we're proven to be over-cautious then we can relax the ban."

Jill EvansJill Evans (Plaid): "After a thorough and wide ranging expert study, EFSA has concluded that certain types of these pesticides pose a serious enough risk to bees that they should be banned.

"Bees play an important role more widely in promoting a sustainable environment and declines in the their numbers are a matter of serious concern. The worry is that the chemicals would harm their ability to pollinate crops, which could be devastating for the agricultural industry and food production."


Parlement européen. FRANÇOIS ALFONSI : Interventions sur le projet de cadre financier pluriannuel

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Intervention de François ALFONSI en Commission des budgets du Parlement européen le 20 février 2013  sur le futur cadre financier pluriannuel 2014-2020 tel que proposé à l'issue du Conseil européen des 7 et 8 février dernier.

"Le Parlement européen doit aller à des choix politiques car le parlement est le gardien de l'esprit européen. La seule façon d'entrer dans le rapport de force est de ne pas approuver le cadre financier pluriannuel proposé, seule façon de réchauffer le projet européen. Le Parlement européen doit hausser le ton d'une manière qui soit décisive !"

L'intégralité de l'intervention (en vidéo) :

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Position réitérée le 28 février au sein de cette même commission :

 "Les perspectives budgétaires approuvées par le Conseil sont peut-être acceptables par les pays un à un, mais elles sont inacceptable pour l'Europe !"

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Assemblée générale de l'Alliance Libre Européenne 2013

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UDB ALE EFA alliance libre européenneLa prochaine Assemblée générale se tiendra dans la ville de Meran (
où?) dans le Trentin - Tyrol du Sud, du 11 au 13 avril.


Du 11 avril, à 14:00 au 13 avril, à 22:00, à Kurhaus Meran, Freiheitsstrasse 33 (Freedom street).



AG Alliance Libre Européenne ALE EFA UDB



Dear EFA members,

As we announced in December 2012, the next EFA General Assembly is going to be held in the city of Meran, in Süd Tirol, from 11 to 13 April 2013.

This will be the first time that the EFA organises its General Assembly together with the EFAy and the Centre Maurits Coppieters -CMC-, its political foundation.

So the whole EFA family will gather for a couple of days to discuss about the future of our organizations and the future we want for Europe and its peoples.

Participants can only subscribe via their national party, member of EFA.


Chers adhérents de l'ALE,

Comme nous l'annoncions en décembre 2012, la prochaine Assemblée générale de l'ALE se tiendra dans la ville de Meran, en Tyrol du Sud, du 11 au 13 avril 2013.

Pour la première fois, l'ALE organise son Assemblée générale avec l'ALE jeunes et le Centre Maurits Coppieters - CMC, sa fondation politique.

Ainsi tout la famille ALE pourra débattre pendant plusieurs jours du futur de notre organisation et de celui de l'Europe et de ses peuples.

Les participants doivent s'inscrire par l'intermédiaire de leur parti national, membre de l'ALE.


Sur Facebook :

Les dernières infos via Twitter

Blog sur le site de l'UDB :

PARLEMENT EUROPEEN. Innovation in active and healthy ageing welcomed

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Mark DEMESMAEKERFlemish nationalist Mark Demesmaeker is supportive of European Commission plans to foster innovation in active and healthy ageing.

Mark took the floor on his first day in the European Parliament to speak out on the matter, emphasising how engaged his own nation of Flanders is on this issue.

Mark said: "An ageing population poses huge challenges, but also opportunities. I welcome that active and healthy ageing has been chosen as a pilot project for the European Innovation Partnership, with support on strategic implementation from the European Commission. I strongly believe innovation has a crucial contribution to make in this regard, benefitting both citizens, entrepreneurs and society as a whole. Whilst the Parliament's report has several positive features, I regret that it is missing a clear focus on innovation and a targeted response to the proposals of the Commission."


PARLEMENT EUROPEEN. EFA MEPs demand peaceful resolution of Kurdish issue

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MEPs from the European Parliament's European Free Alliance group has urged the European Commission to take an active role in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

Turkey's Kurdish people have long been involved in a campaign for self-determination and respect for their national and language rights. Regrettably this has often been marked by violence and bloodshed. EFA MEPs have called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The issue has been in particular focus lately following the brutal murder of three female Kurdish activists in Paris and the start of talks between Turkey's intelligence services and Abdullah Öcalan, held prisoner on Imrali island. It was also noted during a debate today in the European Parliament that hundreds of Kurdish prisoners in Turkish jails went on a 67 day hunger strike in 2012 calling for better rights for Kurds in Turkey. They also called for better conditions for imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Speaking during the debate in Strasbourg, EFA MEP Mark Demesmaeker (N-VA, Flanders) said:

Mark DEMESMAEKER"Once more it seems that the solution to the Kurdish question lies in Turkish hands. And if the signals about the Imrali peace process are right, then perhaps Ankara has come to realise that with Abdullah Öcalan it has the key to a Kurdish solution in its hands.

"But we must be cautious. When Turkey opens one door to democratisation, another is slammed shut. Whilst there have certainly been some positive developments, they have been too few and far between and too slow in coming. Political persecution has continued, and the detention of anyone who criticised the government has led to the world's largest prison for journalists.

"So I say to the Commission, Council and EU Member States, do not be blind to these risks, but remain strong in your support of a sustainable political dialogue with all Kurdish political forces. Above all, do not unquestioningly accept everything the Turkish government tells you. Without full language rights, political autonomy, abolition of the unusually high election threshold of 10% and a full constitutional reform with recognition of Kurdish rights, then Ankara's policy will continue to run contrary to the European values of the Union which it says it wants to respect as a candidate EU Member State ."

PARLEMENT EUROPEEN. François ALFONSI : Intervention sur la situation au MALI

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"François Hollande devra aborder demain au Parlement Européen la situation au Mali.François ALFONSI

L’intervention militaire française a redonné espoir dans l’avenir de cette région  après plusieurs mois passés sous le joug d’Al Qaïda et de ses satellites.

Cependant, cette intervention a été entachée par de graves exactions de l’armée malienne contre les populations maures et touarègues, et il a fallu plusieurs jours avant que ces faits ne soient fermement condamnés. Nous devons exiger des enquêtes indépendantes, et faire condamner lourdement les auteurs.

Par ailleurs, les premiers succès militaires enregistrés doivent être confortés par des initiatives politiques en direction des Touaregs du Nord Mali.

Tout d’abord parce que leur participation aux opérations en cours est fondamentale pour venir à bout d’Al Qaïda et de ses homologues. Le Mouvement de Libération Nationale de l’Azawad est un mouvement laïc, fermement engagé dans la lutte contre le terrorisme. Il doit donc être un interlocuteur privilégié.

Ainsi, on évitera que les populations du Nord Mali, qui ont rejeté le régime au pouvoir à Bamako, ne soient poussés à la peur et à l’exil, ce qui propagerait alors un risque général de déstabilisation parmi toutes les populations touarègues du Sahel. Le Mali du futur devra être confédéral, et donner à chaque peuple les moyens de son autonomie politique.

L’Europe, pour sa part, ne doit pas rester à l’écart des suites de cette intervention. Il y a des populations en souffrance ; il faut les secourir. Il y a des besoins énormes  de développement durable ; il faut y pourvoir. Et il y a enfin une nécessité impérative d’accompagner les efforts de structuration de la démocratie dans cette zone, dans le respect des droits de l’Homme, et  dans le respect des droits des peuples à l’autodétermination."

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Parlement européen. New MEP joins EFA Group

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The European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament has welcomed Mark Demesmaeker from Flemish nationalist party Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA) as its newest MEP.

The N-VA is the largest party in Flanders, and in Belgium, and works for an independent Flanders in a strong European Union.

Mark replaces Frieda Brepoels who has stood down to become Mayor of Bilzen in the Flemish province of Limburg.

Up until now a member of the Flemish parliament, Mark will serve on the European Parliament's Committees on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, and on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. He is also a member of the parliament's Delegation for Relations with Japan.

Jill EVANSJill Evans MEP (Wales), President of the EFA Group, said:

"I'm pleased to welcome Mark to the EFA Group, and to pay tribute to Frieda Brepoels for her outstanding work in the European Parliament over many years.

"This is a crucial time for Europe's stateless nations with many exciting constitutional developments taking place across the continent. It's more important than ever for nations like Flanders and Wales to have a strong voice in Europe, and I look forward to working with Mark on a range of issues."

Mark DEMESMAEKERMark Demesmaeker MEP said:

"I look forward to working with my colleagues in the EFA Group during what is a crucial period for the European Union and of course for Flanders.

"I believe in a European project that respects the diversity of languages and cultures, the identity of every national community, and genuine subsidiarity. As a resident of the Vlaamse Rand (the Flemish ring of municipalities around  the capital, Brussels) I have always campaigned passionately in defence of the Dutch language, and for a truly green and open environment. I now look forward to continuing that work at European level.

"Also, in my first week the current economic crisis has been of course high on the agenda. I strongly believe that budgetary discipline and adherence to the EU's recommendations for structural reforms are crucial in order for Europe to emerge stronger from the economic crisis. This is what I will argue for during my mandate."


Parlement européen. EFA Film premiere: Living Under Occupation

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EFA MEPs Jill Evans, Francois Alfonsi and Ana Miranda were joined by Palestinian MP Abdullah Abdullah for a film screening and debate on the occupation of Palestine and options for the future.

The film was produced by the three MEPs as part of their visit to the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem last October, organised in conjunction with the CEPR. The film focuses on life under occupation and the challenges facing Palestinians, including settlement building and frequent check points.

More information on the visit here

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