Social Ground

Noting the risk of a double regression on the social ground, due to the brutal suppression of subsidized jobs and the reform of the Labor Code,  the Breton Democratic Union decided to participate in the trade union demonstrations organized in September  for to oppose these measures.

The reform of the Labor Code proposed by the government is not supported by any union , proof of its inadequacy with the expectations of the world of work. The planned measures may, among other things, aggravate the imbalance between employers and employees  in small enterprises, guarantee a form of impunity in the event of non-compliance with the Labor Code in companies with significant financial means – the ceiling on prud’hommales allowances – and to reduce the role played by the unions in the functioning of the French economy. But  everything indicates that an economy is better off when workers participate in decisions via their trade union organizations. Giving a right to vote to union representatives on boards of directors, as is done in Germany, would be a truly ambitious and progressive reform. On the other hand, the brutal suppression of subsidized jobs immediately condemns thousands of unemployed people and puts their employers in difficulty, particularly in the voluntary sector and in small communities. The UDB thus maintains its support for the associative actors and reiterates its demand to maintain supported jobs in the non-profit sector. The Breton Democratic Union will take part in the September 12 demonstration on the question of the reform of the labor code .